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Soccer School

We organize our courses Directly at your Facilities with our highly qualified Soccer Coaches and Instructor or you can participate in our courses that take place in Italy (Rome or Coverciano)

Our coaching course, regardless of their duration, is based on the training methodology of the youth and adult sector in Italian Professional Clubs.

The main objective of the course is to teach and show our methodology provide  the appropriate Italian information and knowledge to the coaches for improving individual’s skills and team organization through customized training sessions.

At the end of each course a Certificate of Attendance will be issued

WHY ITALY: What distinguishes the Italian Soccer School from the others and makes its Coaches among the most popular in the world? Certainly, the careful preparation, the attention to details, the knowledge and the methodical application of technique, tactics, along with the winning mentality !




Individual and team organization

1. INDIVIDUAL TECHNICAL SKILLS: Methodology and exercises for the development of individual technical skills
2. PHYSICAL TRAINING: Methodology for collective physical training
3. TACTICAL COOPERATION: Methodology and practical proposals for the training of the principles of tactical cooperation between the players
4. ATTACKING PHASE: Structuring and training of team organization in the attacking phase
5. DEFENSIVE PHASE: Structuring and training of team organization in the defensive phase
6. GAME STRATEGY: Analysis and preparation of  the match / game strategy
7. DEAD BALL MANAGEMENT: Rudiments / basics and methods for the organization of the dead/inactive-ball situations
8. ANALYSIS AND STUDY OF THE GAME SYSTEM IN SOCCER: Study of the various Movements on the pitch and of the training techniques of the game systems