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Our Coaches are all trained and certified with an intense technical, tactical and physical course run by the Italian Football Federation FIGC with UEFA and AIAC, the Italian Football Coaches Association. connoisseurs of the subject play countless every year  refresher courses.

Each Coach is specialized in specific Subjects:

1. INDIVIDUAL TECHNICAL SKILLS: Methods and exercises to manage individual technical skills.
2. PHYSICAL TRAINING: Methodology for collective physical training .
3. TACTICAL COOPERATION: Methods and principles of tactical cooperation between players.
4. ATTACKING PHASE: Structuring and training of team organization in the attacking phase.
5. DEFENSIVE PHASE: Structuring and training of team organization in the defensive phase.
6. GAME STRATEGY: Analysis and preparation of the match / game strategy.
7. DEAD BALL MANAGEMENT: Methods to manage dead/inactive-ball situations during Games.

8.  GOALKEEPER TECHNIQUE: Individual Techinique and Tactics.


With our Coaches We offer complete programs with the methods used by the major Italian professional teams, with the same passion, knowledge, techniques and skills demonstrated by the traditional SOCCER Serie A in Italy


Our Professional Italian Coaches are Members of the AIAC and now available for your worldwide professional teams. Be the Number one in your league with our Italian Coaches


Our Coaches for young players: we have in our team only qualified Italian FIGC , UEFA & AIAC Coaches for the different levels from Middle school soccer league, High School soccer league, for guys and girls.

We offer football soccer camps and complete annual training programs for beginners of any age. Each of our coach is certified and member of the AIAC focused to high quality training football soccer camps.

Football Soccer Camps: Technical, offensive camps and defense tactical instruction, physical training, social sport, cultural, fair play, educational and psychological development of the young players.